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Posted on: March 1, 2008

I am happy and excited…. I get to go to the movies today with Jimmy, after work.

We are going to watch The Other Boylen Girl. He likes Natilie Portman and I like the chick flicks… so it’s a win win~ 😉

I finished my sock. I gave up in trying to knit it as a proper finishing rows etc. The pattern I have uses 5 dpns, I use 4 dpns. So it got rather confusing with certain numbers on Needles 1-4… so I gave up and decreased it at what I could ‘remember’ correctly as a friend of mine was talking to me. So the toe is not even a proper closing. But I knew it was going to be a bit small… so I decided awhile ago that it would be a stuffed cat toy. It looks good completed.

I am just now in quest for a 4 dpn written pattern, I could figure it out technically, but I do not want to. ;p

I have work in an hour and a half… boo… I do get coffee this morning, (that is what I do to treat myself when I go to work early, lol it gets me out the door earlier too).

Today is March, the semester is coming closer and closer to a finish. If I do not get all A’s in the remainder of my classes (I have a lame C in comp 101, I tested out, I did not want to take the class what so ever). I will not maintain the 3.45 gpa I need to be an active member for Gama Beta Phi. I am nervous about that. I hope I can get all A’s…. I will take summer school too… so that will be another few units and grades to add and hopefully increase the gpa, back to above 3.45. I have one semester to bring it back up. So I get a lower gpa this semester, (spring), I have a chance to increase it a bit during the summer (which they do not think of as a semestery)… and I have fall 08 to also work on brining the gpa back up. I would just be ‘inactive’ but that doesnt mean anything…. I still do the same stuff and am still on all the lists as a member and what not. But I do not like it.

Here I thought I got over the gpa stress already… when I decided to take the C in the comp class… and that was so stressful because, I came to the conclusion that the gpa does not matter anymore (not since high school) other then having a 2.0 or higher. But then this stupid letter comes along…. ugh. I almost kinda sorta wish it did not come in my school email. It’s a nice thing to be a part of and a nice thing to throw on a resume type of thing…. it is an honors society… but honestly. I don’t know this college thing rarely makes sense. I need to start looking into my credential classes next semester I think. >.>; I am nervous about student teaching coming up too.

Growing up man… it is some weird stuff… yet I feel like I just left high school… kinda… but not really, but lord knows I do not want to go back, that is one thing for sure.


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