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I am leaving.

Posted on: March 4, 2008

I am quiting/leaving Best Buy… after 2 and a half years being there. It is just not worth it to me anymore to stay. I’ve been saying for months that I could ‘picture myself leaving’ … and now I am just getting irritated with work and being treated like I am a slacker and a poor employee… when I am not! So then it hit me, why on earth am I putting up with this then?

My job as a Sales Operator, I sit and wait for calls to come and I answer them to my best ability with out having them get transfered. Corporate wide they had the worst complaints about the phone service at Best Buys, thus creating my position, hence needing to know the whole store rather well. I was picked and asked for this job when it was created… because I knew my stuff.

The job has been great, we have paper work to do etc too… but then we all have figured out that we can do it all weeks in advance (due to schedules being out) etc. So then our paperwork has decreased and the SO’s (there are 3 of us, but we technically need 4) have been trying to do other stuff to keep us occupied because there are times where there are nooooo calls whatsoever.

Well apparently I have been getting myself in trouble now… and being viewed as a slacker yada yada. Ok no calls, lets do a sudoku puzzle…. I have to sit here and do nothing, but wait, and I cannot talk to other employees because then we are ‘not working’ and crap like that. Then my Senior comes and says ‘No games Heather blah blah blah’ … ok fine… no sudoku, I will live.

Then I decide to read stuff and sit here. I can’t pull out a book… and I don’t want to read the corporate created forums for employees… because half of it is them complaining about something or another about their jobs. So I will hop on WoWWiki and read the WoW Lore. No big deal~ I sit here, read…. something actually interesting… and when a phone rings, I am straight back to work! TaDa! Solution~

Well apparently my Senior asked a manager to ‘keep an eye on me’ or what not… and he comes to me with a printed copy of the document I had just read and tells me ‘Heather, we can’t have you reading this stuff at work, we need you doing work things’ blah blah blah. I am annoyed at this point. This manager asked me for this position, and I have been doing it with no problems what so ever…. and I do my job…. and when they want me to wait and stay at my desk…. and everything is completed and then some! I get nagged at.

Yeah sure I wasn’t working…. I am not ignoring that…. but what else do they expect! I am not texting, I am not on my phone (like most of them are a lot of the time), I am not distracting other employees etc. It is just so irritating… and I have been not wanting to come into work for the longest time, but I still do. So I give up… and it is time for me to move on already.

So I am leaving, I am going to give my two weeks notice to my store manager this week… but I will let him know what is going on at the SO desk, and that they need to give us something to do on the clock… because that is their job, to manage all the employees… and utilize us… and I am getting myself into ‘trouble’ over pointless stuff… when I am keeping myself occupied when they are not. Also I am being nagged like I am a new hire. I am sorry, I’ve been working at this store for years, I don’t need this.

So I am going to take a break from working as a whole for awhile… and just get a break. I’ve been too tired lately no matter what I try to do to sleep more often. I have been exhausted, because I get no days off… school monday through thursday and then work friday to sunday.

I am going to take summer school at OC and then I may get a job at Sylvan Learning Center, by where I live…. and they seemed excited to have me interested in applying, she threw an application at me when I had just introduced myself lol. But then hopefully an IT job at CSUCI will open up for the semester in fall, because I would love to work on campus doing the computer moniter job for the new library, but it was full when I asked about it. Boo.

I will be able to go out with Jimmy and my friends now finally too~ where I will not have work to contend with. It’s a perk, but not the reason why I am leaving. Also the job was never about money either… so it is not a loss if I don’t work right now. Which is fine.

I am just hoping that these two weeks will go by quickly.


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