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Posted on: August 28, 2008

I’ve tried to post here via my cell phone every so often. But apparently that stopped working and I was getting error messages sent back to my phone.

Well we did get the Volvo, oh and it is fantastic. It is in such great condition, we’ve had to put about $500-$700 dollars into it, but it was good timing because my financial aid (left over) has covered a lot of the costs. I am happy that we have a third vehicle and that it is such a great car (or station wagon ;D) It just looks so pretty. I cannot wait to get my license and drive it around and go places with it with Jimmy.

School has started… I finished my first week yesterday, but am on campus today for kicks. I am really suppose to be working, and I most likely will… later on. This is the first time that my classes are so dependent on text books, so I am patiently waiting for them to come in the mail. I even paid extra for the faster shipping on all of my books. I’ve saved about $143 dollars in buying them online on Amazon.com… but have spent about $220 overall. I just hate how they keep coming out with ‘new’ editions each and every year, they are first off very expensive with a new edition (ie 08) and then you cannot sell back your book when they come out with a new one. But buying them online is helping and I am not buying my Psy 345 class book, and am going to use the text book at the library to work on homeworks or reading. I am not wanting to spend another hundred dollars (it just came out with a new edition).

My classes are going to be interesting. An Education degree… is seriously no joke. People would tease me at the ‘difficulty’ of child lit, or childrens music classes… but my Engl 347 (Reading in social context) course… oh my goodness is intense. Then the Psy 345(Individual Disability Psy) is going to be complicated. It really makes me think back in highschool and having new teachers (just graduated) and am now realizing what hard work they’ve had to go through. It’s impressive… and I am going through it, which is a trip on it’s own. I am going to be one of those teachers. Then me wanting to be a teacher, and realizing how accomplished my college professors are… holy sh*t batman…. talk about amazing! I am like apspiring to be like them, it’s insane. I love it. I am finally taking courses that are really making my end goal seem more like a reality and that it is coming up! Thus far my classes… General Ed, it’s all be a sinch and I haven’t really tried hard in most of them. But now, this is going to be a challenge and will require more work overall and not just on one or two papers. Iam excited about this semester, just remind me that come a month or two into it and I will be whining about it. 😉

On the knitting aspect of this blog. I’ve been trying to use up ‘stash’ yarn… like the acrylic yarn my mom has bought me in bulk at thrift stores. There is a lot of it, but I am also working on charity items with it, like I am single crocheting cat blankets for an animal shelter in San Fran. I’ve done two already and am working on the third. It is great because this crocheting goes fast, but also uses yarn up asap and is easy to throw in a purse, no needles to lose or falling stitches.

I have missed my sock knitting. I cannot wait to use up the sock yarn I already have. I am especially excited to get to the sock yarn my swap partner gave me this last month. I have that yarn in a skein and everything waiting… I am excited to see what it turns into.

I also have my Roam Jacket to finish, I need more yarn to finish the sleeves. I am not going to do a hood on it… but finishing and assembling… that is going to be a lot of work… but eventually I will have it done and wear it. One of these days. I also want to do like a round baby blanket, I have a friend that just had a baby boy and I want to make her a blanket. There is a pattern in Knit Simple that I would like to do something like that. 🙂

I want to see about subscribing to that magazine. I am hoping on going to Barnes n Noble with Jimmy on Friday, tomorrow, and read magazines. Like Vogue knitting… I loveeee the articles… but the patterns, pshhhh none of those will ever fit me and my 48 in boobies~ ;D lol. Nor do I feel like changing the pattern.

🙂 A highlight for the day… a thermus full of yummy french vanilla coffee (from a coffee vending machine yummy and cheap). This is the first time I’ve taken my dad’s Edison Thermus and used it for school. I bought a large cup of coffee for like $1.30 and it is the perfect size for the thermus, and I neeeevvveerrr finish a large even at times medium cup of coffee before the rest of it gets cold and ucky. Here I have a nice small cup (cap) to fill and have nice hot coffee and I can shake it so the flavor does not rest at the bottom. Genius~ ;D

I think I will start my english work. I’ve already watched 2 Episodes of Ranarok Anime ;D


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