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Bottle + Sock = Cute!!

Posted on: September 7, 2008

SSPX1427, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

My bottle sock! 😀 So exciting. Now understand, I was not knitting during church (even though I wish I could)… I was weaving the ends. 😀 It looks so cute. I like it! I am actually using it right now on my desk. I love the bottle, but I also love the cover for it! 😀 Fun fun~


So this hopefully will keep my purse a bit dryer at school. 😀 I already updated my Ravelry with this.

I am getting my last Summer of Yarn Love Swap package together. This is going to be a good closing package. I have 7 skeins of yarn, candy, stickers, pretty note book, a beautiful tea light with shells, and a small pattern book. My partner was big on doing dishcloths… and heck seeing the patterns in this book, they are pretty cute. I should do a few. ;D I need to pull out my cotton yarn and do some. 😀 I already scanned a few copies of these patterns. ;D

Now I have homework to finish! Oi. But I am a smart kid~ ;P So I will be fine. Oh~ and I kicked Jimmy’s butt at the go carts and Golf n’ Stuff.. but he and Jason beat me at the mini-golf. xD But I think the Go cart’s was a better thing to win at~ ;D lol


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