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Posted on: September 10, 2008

SSPX1432, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I came home today thinking that maybe my package would have been here since it came to my city yesterday.

Well…. it did get here to my house… but no one was able to pick it up!!! 😦 We close our gate to our house during the day due to dogs coming in the yard after the chickens or what not. So the post office people sometimes just toss the package on the other side of the fence on the grass…. or don’t leave it.

😦 So I have a notice saying that it will be at the post office for pick up tomorrow after 11am. Sad thing is that I leave the house at 7:30am to get to the bus at 8am. 😦 Then I am at school till 4:30 and am not back till about 5pm. However the post office stays open till 6:30pm, but I may just ask my dad to pick it up tomorrow if he can, I don’t know his schedule.

I am so bummed, I was looking forward to the Harmony dpns tonight~ to use with these socks. 😦 Then I would have the yarn for two pairs of socks and then Jimmy’s socks. Bummer. I was hoping to start the Jaywalker pattern too. I’ve never made Jaywalkers, so I thought that would be exciting.

I guess this gives me more time to finish these tofutsie socks. I pulled them out at the library after my class waiting for Jimmy and for the bus to come. It was cute that this old women (there are a lot of senior citizens visiting the campus for a class or something) came behind me and said ‘Its good to see young ones still knitting, I thought it was an ancient craft now.’ πŸ™‚ So sweet.

However, this just means I will have two packages of stuff I ordered. The knit picks and then the knitting warehouse so eh. I will be ok. I have freshly washed bedding so I will sleep well tonight and am excited to catch some Zzz’s.


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