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Summer of Yarn Love Swap is now over.

Posted on: September 24, 2008

I have of course loveeeeeeeddd getting my package from my summer swap partner.

But I also had tons of fun with the sending out packages. Also luckly my swap partner took beautiful photos of my packages to her. xD So here they are, my blog always can use more knitting related photos. If you click the photos, they will send you to the blog entry she posted with details of each item! 🙂

I just think they all look soooo pretty~ (also I may be a bit biased since I sent them to her! ;P) lol.

The First Package

Second Package

Final package

It was so much fun shopping for someone else~ Also it was even better that I had someone send me super loveeeellllyyyy packages that matched mine that I sent out I think~ ;D I got royally screwed on my first swap, so I always get nervous in getting ‘shafted’ a bit in packages.

But the Summer of Yarn Love was great… and I think that the Fall one shall be no exception! ❤
– – –
Reality note.
School has been owning me… badly. But it’s nothing I cannot recover from. 🙂 Oh and Mister Diet Coke and I are madly in .>; where my stomach hurts lol (yeah I know too much information lol, but not the gross nasty gas lol) bye


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