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Oh my~

Posted on: September 30, 2008

another sock, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Look what I casted on~

Another pair of socks! xD At least I did not buy more yarn lol… I have a great enough stash that I can now pull out pretty yarn and start knitting right away verses looking for new yarn.

This is part of my birthday yarn from Jimmy (I ordered, he gave me his credit card). It was all Knit Pick Palettes, so this color is Marine Heather. It looks super pretty~ (plus it has such an awesome name I think ;p) lol.

Those are my Knit picks 2.75mm needles too~ ;D I like the 6 in length~. I finished the cuff and just started a few rows on the leg. It is going to be a regular stockinette sock pattern I’ve done a million times. I actually made copies of my pattern, with my notes on it, because… that pattern paper has been worn out to no end. Hehe. ^^*

The Jaywalkers are not destined to be at home socks, until I finish the toe. I do not want to go toooo far in knitting the foot and forget about the foot length. So these new socks are simple, easy, whip out and start knitting like mad, at school/purse socks. ;D I however am excited to start the next jaywalker too.

Ok now I should log off and start working on my English Homework that is due today… and plan for the group presentation. I have till noon, but better now then later. ;D


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