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So yeah email… it’s good stuff.

Posted on: October 7, 2008

So yeah. Went to school yesterday, got of the bus… got my awesomely red thermos. Awesome start to the day. Then my Knit Picks order came, Magic Loop is awesome~~~ xD

Then today, went to school, did homework. Ran into Jimmy and had lunch with him by surprise, pretty cool. Finished my blue wool sock via Magic Loop, pretty cool, exciting.

After that, I have to head to class… bleh. Another presentation… but do able… 20 minutes… that will be interesting. F is for fun! (our group is letter F, so that is our slogan).

So now I come to the library about to kill some time till Jimmy gets out and we head home at 4:30pm. But also plan on casting on Jimmy’s sock (which is also blue, essential knit picks jay blue kettle dyed) via the ever so lovely magic loop.

I hop on Gmail to see if Jimmy is online to bug him in class… and I have several emails, one from school, one from the lys, one from Elle magazine, then something new: cosmic pluto knits… No way.

I open it and I WON~ XDDDD I was one of the lucky 3 that won one of her new copies of this awesome book~: (link to webpage win)
Which I remember viewing her blog last week and saw she was having this contest and thought hmm, I really liked the copy I saw at the book store on Sunday. Ah why not, might as well enter. So I enter and I am like 47 I think and am thinking “odds are pretty good, we will see”…. then the comments get to 50 people… to finally I think about 192 people. O.o; So I give up hope and realize “I am not going to win, ah well, I will buy it later on.” (After blizzcon of course hehe two more days!)

But I won~~~ xD I’ve never entered these blog entry contests or what not. So it is sooooooo exciting to win this newwwww and awesommeeeee book. I remember flipping through it for the first time and surprised in HOW MANY PHOTOS there were in it, then I realized ‘Ohhhh teach yourself Visually~~… hahaha’ I even grabbed Alex the next isle over (he was looking at Manga) and bragged to him in that I read this womens blog about knitting and she wrote this amazing knitting book, and it’s socks! He thought that was cool and we went back to some other books. Even though I wanted to sit down and read and look through this entire book (all the pretty photos).

I guess it helps to read these blogs now! ;D I have to enter in more contests and stuff, I always skim over it. Yay Sock knitting! 😀

I am so thrilled. This month has so far been amazing. Braces are off, Blizzcon, winning this, Thermos, everything. I hope I don’t jinx myself and it goes away. I am just really happy and excited for the mail to come.


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