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Jimmy’s Socks

Posted on: October 9, 2008

jsock, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So this is a photo of Jimmy’s socks, in progress. Via the ever so lovely Magic Loop Method. So far I have yet to check anything online to ‘figure out how’ to do something. Working on the two circular needles helped a lot. I really like the knit picks cable needles. I have yet to bust out the harmony ones I bought also. The cable is sooo flexible, it’s really nice.

Today I got in lots of knitting, while in class~~ amazing. My science class I pulled it out and knitted and paid attention and my teacher did not seem to mind. 🙂 Then in my psy class we watched this supperrr long video that I had watched in my other psy class on monday. So I finished the cuff in science, and did the beginning of the leg in psy today.

The yarn and color are soooo pretty. I like it. 😀 I will have to keep in mind to do a pretty pattern that will show up nicely in these deep colors! 😀 Jimmy’s socks is going to be plain stockinette.
– – –

I went with my dad for the Volante campaign meeting… let’s just say it was ‘interesting’ but in the end it worked out in our favor and jimmy’s site is a go. 😀
– – –

I am not ‘getting ready’ to start packing for Blizzcon. My clothes finished washing and I need to throw them in the dryer.

Every trip I go on I always get nervous and kinda ‘not want’ to go on my trip. Just because it is outside the comfort zone of my room and what I have around me… also the nervous-ness of not forgetting anything.

However, Blizzcon is going to be great. I know that. I think I am just tired and I always over think things when I am tired. Alex said we are pulling out of here (our house) at around 11am… which gives me plenty of time to wake up (I wake up at around 6am-7am) shower, finish packing (It’s only 2 days worth of clothing, two shirts, jeans… and some accessories, simple).

I just enjoy staying home on weekends and chilling. *sigh*
I should get to bed… I am tired.


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