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Blizzcon 08!

Posted on: October 13, 2008

IMG_7422, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So I am back from Blizzcon! xD

Yes~ I did bring my sock knitting. I did a lot of it in the car ride there (darn LA traffic)… I started and finished the heel flap, turned the heel, and started the gusset. So this is the product of mostly the Thursday. I had just finished the gusset decreases at this point and oi I do not like doing that by magic loop…. maybe I am doing it wrong. I came up with my own method of it and it was frustrating to do in line.

However, it worked out and I was starting the foot at this point. Before the opening ceremonies or a panel, I forget which. 😀

For day 2 of Blizzcon I just put this sock off the needles (and a thread of the yarn to hold the sts) because I did not want to get tons of knitting done on the sock, to where it would be too long for Jimmy’s foot. (Since this is the first sock I’ve made him.) So I had started the cuff for day 2 and did not even finish it. Day 2 was a lot more eventful with doing stuff, more then sitting around during the awesome panels! 😀

I have home photos and stories and such later. I have homework to finish right now (due tomorrow as always oi).

If you want to look at the set of the photos, check my flicker account, by clicking this photo. 😀 Bye


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