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Posted on: October 19, 2008

classkniy, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So this photo does not exactly relate to what I did today… but close enough.

I had to meet with my classmate Cindy today, to discuss our science teaching presentation. We chose to do the Cali State Standard Grade 3 “2a- Students know sunlight can be blocked to create shadows.” Simple enough right?! Well it is and I am happy about that.

Cindy and I are going to set up a huge lamp and have it create shadows in the classroom on the projection board etc. So it will be fun, and the write up (ie lesson plan) will be simple and not difficult to create. Lesson plans use to make me go ‘omg’ in planning stuff out, now it is just like an outline (with a few added requirements).

She is a burst of energy and ideas, it’s cute. I enjoy working with her with this class. 😀
– – –
So we met at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (its big on the west coast, another type of starbucks, but yummier in my opinion xD) today and 3:30pm and it is now 4:30pm and we finished up in an hour. It went well. Plus I get to drink a yummy Strawberry Yogurt Ice-blended. Win win.
– – –

Today went alright. This week should be better I hope. I have a lot of stuff to plan and worth with/through related to school. Also group projects. u.u; I don’t mind working with people, it is the planning and work to get together that is frustrating. But once that is done, it is smooth sailing.

It is getting cold. I should head home soon. Then I can curl up with my CSUCI sweatshirts (I wore it all day at home today, it is so comfy!) and my wrist warmers! xD So cute in pink!! I also have other homework to get done. Like my Child Development class (which is in the photo, I took this while in class last week, that bind is a 3″ inch binder and it is full of material for this class that she has us buy for the class, plus the text book! Crazy in the amount of material for this class, but hey I am learning stuff! So that is what counts!) and finishing up my Science written homework.
❤ bye


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