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Knitting update

Posted on: November 1, 2008

I guess you could call this an update. I am just excited to show the pretty wip photos of my work. 😀

So this scarf is for my friend Andrew’s girlfriend. They were the couple that moved to the East Coast this past month. I miss them but am happy that things are progressing for them with this move. ❤ I am also planning on making Andrew a scarf (in a (dark) green, his fave color). So this is Adrienne's scarf. It's Vanna's Choice yarn in color way Burgundy. The color does not show well in this photo, but I like the photo.

Then I am at the point of Jimmy’s socks that I need to get his feet one last time to make sure they are the correct length in the foot. 😀 I knitted both socks to the same point of the foot (even down to the row of sts I used a row counter lol)

So I decided I want to start another pair of socks. As since I have not been buying yarn as of late, due to my slurges a few months ago… I’ve been dying to get into my sock yarn stash! xD Even though I am at the foot of my second woolie sock (reference my ravelry, hsailormoon) I wanted to start another pair. xD

I am using the Red Heart: Heart & Sole in color way Razzle Dazzle. Super fun and cute.


Then a close up of the sock yarn and colors!!! So pretty and vibrant! xD I am so thrilled that these big yarn companies are going into decent sock yarn (plus the are superwash of course! xD)

close upraz
I just love the bright colors. Plus normally I am not a fan of the orange… but the pinks and greens make up for it, even the stripes of blue! xD I am becoming a fan of these self striping yarns! 😀

– –
I am currently working on Adrienne’s scarf and knitting these socks while watching Lisa Williams show. xD Good stuff.

But I am also installing WoW and the expansion on Alex’s laptop…. because I am going to go raid again tonight on WoW… and I know that my lovely small laptop can play and handle WoW… but I don’ want it to lag when I am healing. So I am barrowing Alex’s computer tonight, while he uses his amazing desktop xD

Back to my sock knitting. I adore how the colors come out. 😀 These are going to be some fun socks to wear! ;D


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