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Leaving at 10am

Posted on: January 2, 2009

IMG_8290, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So I woke up and thought oh yay! I get to working on my princess mitts today!

But then I go out of my room and get some water… nope… my dad tells me we have errands to run at 10 (which means I can most likely drive! which is nice).

However, I was looking forward to working on those mitts… because it is the most ‘complicated’ cable I’ve done as of yet.

Boo. Still, I get to practice my driving which is good in reality.

My book (pattern) will still be here when I get back and my knitting will not be destroyed by socks. I can live.

My Farmor has offered me all her christmas stuff! She has decided she (at the age of 84+) does not want to put up her tree anymore and emailed me asking if I would like to take it. Artificial xmas tree (which is about 6 feet tall tops, nice size), all the ornaments (including the handmade ones from her family from denmark!!! xD), and the handmade (by her) tree skirt! Oh gosh I feel so honored that she wanted to give this to me! I am the baby of the family… and I am her eldest daughter, so I think that helped.

I am so excited. Because when I do move out of my parents house (whenever that is, I am in no rush)… I will have my own christmas tree with all the history and tradition of it! I feel lucky really~ ❤ the farmor. I defiantly want to make a point to go see her come spring break~

Alright I should start getting ready… who knows my dad may want to start getting ready earlier. ;p


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