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Posted on: January 9, 2009

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Just another random Cat photo I have.

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So my first CSET is tomorrow…. at 7am (uck, so early). I am taking section 1… Language, Literature, Retoric, History, Social Science, Geography.

U.u; I am not sure how I am going to do on this test. Some/ most of the test questions are rather detailed…. so I don’t know.

Also I should have studied more on the book I have (Cliff Notes). There is about 40 pages of material to study of outlines of information, like amazing outlines of the history portions etc. I think it basically is the answers I need to know… and I haven’t even finished reading all of the history material. I’ve only just gotten to the World history section. I am so disappointed in myself… procrastination yet again.

The positive side to the CSET is that I can take these tests as many times as I need/want. Another benefit is that I do not have to pay for these tests, because the school can pay for them… but I honestly do not like the idea of taking tests multiple of times. However this is the first CSET test and I have no idea how the format is etc…. so it is a true learning experience.I also have a year to take and pass these tests. (3 Sections of CSET, and the CBEST, which I have signed up to take in Februrary)

I should have been more prepared for this… I hope I do pass… but I don’t have much confidence in it.

Alex and I are going to get the mini vans break lights fixed (again! we did this 2-3 months ago). So I am going to bring my CSET book with me there.

I should get ready actually. We want to get to the shop early… before they get packed today. ttyl.


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