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Posted on: January 17, 2009

hds, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

These fingerless gloves were a pain in you know where… the organization of the pattern, made much to be desired.

I am mostly pleased in that I have finished these. I certainly do not hope that my mom’s co workers will not ask me to to make them a pair also. >.>; I realized through this project… I am capable of doing charts and cables… but I am not a huge fan of the complexity of the cables.

Now back to my sock knitting… oh wait… I have Jon’s scarf to work on… that will be my at home project.

I decided to do the palindrome scarf pattern again… the previous pattern became too wide where if the scarf is not ‘flexible’ enough I would not deem it wearable, even if he says he has a ‘thick’ neck. Then palindrome scarf will suit his neck by the thickness. 🙂 Also… SUPER EASY 2by2 ribbing. ;D

– – –
Also I watched Knitty Gritty today… (re runs of course) and oh my gosh! Cookie A was on and they showed how to do a sock from the toe up!~ I SERIOUSLY have to try that. The next pair of socks I will make (after I finish up these two pairs) will be toe up for me~ ;D I can totally do the toe up thing after watching that episode, I saved it on the DVR. ^^*
– – –

Now to go get started on Jon’s scarf again~ ^^* The sooner I can get that done, the sooner I can finish the socks (at home, these are my portable projects) and then start my first toe up, which will be interesting. 😀

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