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Sun Set at CSUCI

Posted on: January 22, 2009

IMG_8768, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

This is what the sky looked like two days ago, when I was leaving the campus (to go home) on the bus.

The clouds have looked beautiful all week… except last night and today. It is drizzling today… but honestly, it is so nice to have cool weather again. I hated it that it was in the 80’s this last week.
– – –
No knitting… I’ve been wanting to knit… just too tired. I come home and about an hour or two later, I am wanting to go to bed (at about 8pm or 9pm).
– – –
I have been reading about ‘knitting’ in my knitting mystery novels. xD I liked the first one of the series (I think there is only two) and so I am enjoying this novel as well. 😀

“Knit Fast, Die Young” by Mary Kruger

Time to pay attention to my Geo. lecture… god I love having classes that allow the use of laptops. I am taking notes on the powerpoint slides though, so I am behaving. ;D


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