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Stitch markers

Posted on: January 31, 2009

bst, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Look Mom! Finally there is some KNITTING!
– – –
Ok not really look ‘mom’ but the attention of the intensity of ‘LOOK’ is close.

Finally got some more sock knitting done. This is the second sock of the pair for my mom. The first sock is just at the end of the gusset worked. So I am trying to get these socks done together at the same time.

I switched back to dpns after the feel flap, mostly because I find the gusset work to be a bit too fiddly for my taste when I get to the heel flap. But then as soon as that gusset is done! Back to Magic Loop ASAP~ ;D

These stitch markers were part of packages from the Fall yarn swap I joined (Oh I loved my partner!). They are from threeirishgirls.com so I am loving them. I never really use stitch markers for my sock knitting… but then I remembered I had this! So now, I don’t have to have a post-it folded with one side saying Knit All and the other K2tog & SSK to flip back and forth every row. (I have two of these post its, one in my knitting bag and one at home) Now I can just work the gusset anywhere and not have to worry about a paper or where I stopped last! ;D

Going to a friends 22nd birthday party tomorrow at BJ’s… I am looking forward to it somewhat but then eh… but I don’t see some of these people that often (especially the birthday boy lol). So it will be alright, plus I will have Jimmy. 😀

Jimmy went to an arcade in Simi Valley tonight… he asked if I would like to go… I said no thank you. I had knitting to get done! ;D Plus I worked a few cables into Jon’s scarf today too. Very relaxing day today.

Back to the sock knitting.

2 Responses to "Stitch markers"

Those stitch markers are great! I’m always forgetting which kind of decrease to do when working on the gusset.

Those stitch markers are great! I’m always forgetting which kind of decrease to do when working on the gusset!

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