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Posted on: February 15, 2009

IMG_7390, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I had a wonderful Valentines day~

Which involved lots and lots of shopping~ including pretty clothes, shine-y things, pretty smelling things, ABSOLUTELY delicious food, and a day with Jimmy.
– – –
Went to the mall with my parents, my dad to run errands (get watches fixed, bank stuff etc. and my mom to go shopping with me at Lane Bryant (awesome store, it has my height/size in clothes issue and the sizes for mah mommy~) as we do together. However, we mixed Jimmy into the mix and dragged him with us to the mall~ xD

After spending… about 735 dollars in clothing, and only paying~~ $90!!!!! (clearance there is absolutely insane, plus all the savings stuff they do and mail out~ omg)… buying some jewelry, some Victoria’s Secret lotion (and this cute little hair brush/mirror compact omg genius!) (I had a giftcard to use, normally I am eh with the store, but the lotions smell soooo pretty), etc~

5 hours later!!! (Yeah seriously)… 5 Hours later, we are done and heading out. Jimmy and I head home and are greeted with the MOST AMAZINGLY YUMMY DINNER! Steak (omg and his grandfather makes the best meat EVER!), green beans, corn, some awesome mash potatoes thing his family makes, with super yummy cookies and icecream, which I passed sadly, I had to leave.

So yeah… I am going to sleep sooooooo well tonight… no joke. 😀
– – –
I have tons of cute outfits~ I am so happy! ;D Oh and I wore the red shoes Jimmy bought me and oh they are comfy~ and adorable~ I am thrilled.

Today was great~ I enjoy days like this~ Also figuring out the math of ‘how much you saved’ is always a fun game to play once you get home~ It is seriously insane how over priced these clothes get. Anyways~ enough rambling~ I had a white chocolate mocha latte thing before heading home.
– – –
Cloud photo taken at Blizzcon 08… we had to wait outside to get in for like 45 min… I got a good photo out of it, so it was worth it… plus I had sock knitting to do while in line~ ;D So that helped. Ok gnight! I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s day~ w. or w.out a significant other~ regardless… go raid all the valentines day candy at the stores tomorrow… and everything will be good. ;D and yummy. lol

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