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Sock yarn came!!!

Posted on: March 7, 2009

Now… the daily OMGOMGOMGOMG 
Guess what came in the mail! xD SOCK YARN!!!!! 
It’s from JunoFibreArts on Etsy (I linked her roving yesterday). Oh I have photos! So please… do not drool… because I already did…
Incomming photos:
So Jimmy and I were chilling today… watching tv on the dvr…. we watched the finales of America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV… it was good~
Then my dad came home… WITH THE MAIL!
This came in the mail~ in a lovely pink package… with all this fancy ‘customs’ stuff on it~ Hmm… 
The sock yarn is sooooo pretty! I adore the purples, teals, blues, and greens… omg I love it!
Here are the back of the tags that came with it. I am totally keeping the tags… especially since they are both so well done! Beautiful.
Even Jimmy wanted to touch the yarn.
Jimmy was amazed in how soft this yarn was and instantly said ‘Ooh! This feels nice.’ and squished it… and then tried to un-wind it from the hank and I had to scold him not to do that really fast! I had yet to take photos! xD lol I

But then… I don’t have Jimmy around just for looks… even though he looks cute~ ;D I put him to work!
Couples that wind yarn together, stay together~ ;D
Then I tried to have Duo help me in the sock yarns cake ‘photo shoot’… she wasn’t as thrilled as I was. Ah well. Models these days. pshh~.
So here is the beautiful sock yarn cake! I adore it! I honestly cannot wait to start knitting with these! I am so excited! xD
But then before I forget! I finished my first toe up sock~
So I tried to have Duo help me ‘model’ this for me too… and she didn’t have the time to. She was too busy, of course.
So here they are~ ;D Very cute… very comfy… Please excuse my sweats… I am already dressed for bed. But honestly! They FIT PERFECTLY! I am such a huge fan of toe up socks now! I already finished the toe increases of the second sock… xD It is like learing to knit socks all over again!
I really like the idea of not working a heel flap in this pattern… even with the gusset increases to form a ‘heel flap’ the fit is wonderful in the heel… I was able to work heel flaps and pick up stitches with no problem… but I prefer not to… and this is a fantastic alternative. 😀
– – 
Ok time to go fondle some more yarn… and get some knittng done! 😀 Great day today, got to see Jimmy, received my sock yarn, got coffee at Coffee Bean, ate dinner with the parents and Jimmy… and more knitting~ ;D Life is good… oh wait… there is this thing called homework… darn, I knew there was a catch. ;p gnight. (Jimmy and I are off to see Watchman tomorrow… after I get my hair cut, thank goodness!)

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Great job on the toe-up sock. You have amazing taste in sock yarn!

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