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Incoming Mail

Posted on: March 16, 2009

I don’t have much to post at the moment. Now that does not mean I do not have knitting photos to take and put up of projects I have finished and started….

I just do not have those photos… nor the energy to post about them. I am super tired.
I will post this lovely eye-candy of sock yarn~ that is on its way from the lovely UK to my house in Sunny California.
It is Buffy Sock yarn- Superwash BFL in the colorway called Alchemy.
I saw this posted last week and just HAD~ to have it…. I am sooooo excited~ I need to finish my toe up sock asap (I turned the heel on it yesterday)… so I can get started with these yummy yarns I have been getting! xD
It is so difficult to find the ‘just right’ pattern for these gorgeous yarns! xD
– – –
Time to close my eyes for a bit longer… before class… I woke up at 4:30 this morning… so I only had about 5 hours or so of sleep… why am I such a dork and didn’t go back to bed. ah well. bye for now.

1 Response to "Incoming Mail"

That is GORGEOUS!! I usually am not a fan of such variegated yarns, but those colours just play so well together – those will be awesome socks. So jealous!!Thanks for the enabling – looks like a great store! Only wish her prices were in pounds, much better exchange rate for us. 😉

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