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Nom Nom Nom Twix and sock yarn~

Posted on: March 18, 2009

So I finally have some photos to share~~~ nothing new… but stash knitting is always a nice surprise! ;D I have yet to figure out what patterns I want to use for my pretty pretty sock yarns… so I decided to go deep in my stash and use some of the ‘cheaper’ yarns for a new simple pattern. (when I cheap, I mean knit picks… and micheals sock yarn)

– – –
I started this sock last night~


I decided to take some photos of my sock knitting with the twix~ both so pretty~ ;D Half of it will go to Jimmy, he had to head to class 20 minutes ago. 


I decided to knit the No-Purl Monkeys sock pattern… but I wanted to do toe up~ so I kept the chart pattern the same… so instead of a normal cuff down monkey’s lace pattern going in a / \ way… my lace pattern is going in the opposite way \ / . I like it~ ;D
– – –
Needle Size: US 2 (2.25 mm)
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici (old colorway, I forget the name, it’s at home)
(The colors of the yarn is more true in the first photo, the second photo shows the stitches better in the pattern)
– – –
One more day… and then I have spring break! Thank goodness! I am ready for two weeks to just sleep in and relax… honestly~
Time to pick up the needles and keep knitting.

1 Response to "Nom Nom Nom Twix and sock yarn~"

I’m actually working on a pair of toe-up MONKEY socks right now too!! =) I love the look of the no-purl version… i might just have to try it on my next pair =) they’re looking great!

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