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Murphys Law

Posted on: April 6, 2009

flowerbest, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I don’t know if Murphy’s Law was in my favor… or not.. but I am inclined to say it was in my favor.

My first class was canceled today. When I came up with a lovely scheme about a tooth breaking and me being in pain and having to get a dentist appointment asap and missing class and emailing her a copy or dropping a hard copy off later today… yada yada… Only to find, if I had checked my email 10 minutes before I wrote this elaborate message… to find out that my instructor is sick (sad)… and she is canceling class for this week! xDDD

Sad she is sick… happy that the 5 page paper I was just starting an hour ago is not due after all! At least I started it and completed an APA bibliography. Some progress was done.
– – –

However, I would have adored those 3 extra hours of sleep I missed this morning… alas… better this then truly failing as a student and sleeping.
– – –

I am so sleepy though, because yesterday was really fun! 😀 Action packed, loads of driving, shopping, munching, and being with Jimmy~ 😀

Got up on Sunday morning, went to pick up Jimmy, to head back to my town (we live in neighboring towns), to be there for when my brother picked up his DSi from Gamestop… to find that my brother decided that he would ‘pick it up at 10am vs 9am’…. so that was a wasted yet short trip on the 101. Headed back to Ventura… to get Jimmy’s DSi at his Gamestop.

Then we grabbed some Breakfast at the ever so fancy Carls Junior… and off to church. ^^*

Afterwards we went to Lane Bryant (I totally grabbed the wrong size jeans… I grabbed petite… I am 6 feet tall… I needed the average length) exchanged the jeans with no problem, thank goodness!

Then I was in a cheery mood and went shopping around Target, getting a new purse and odds and ends… and used some coupons (Oh they are so much fun!) here and there.

Once that was finished, Jimmy and I went to visit my ‘little women’ my Great Aunt Jennie (who I call Grandma) and hung out there for like 2 hours just chit chatting etc. 🙂 I am so thrilled by the idea that I will be able to visit her more often on my own now. <333

After the visit, we snagged some late lunch… and back to his place… where I stayed for awhile and rested a bit (I was tired~) and waited for the ‘Longest Parking Lot in CA’ 101 to clear up because it was packed on the way back to my house. 😉

Came home and just went to bed~
Now… I need to finish up some papers for other classes… hurray for extra time! ^^*


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