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Knitting has been done!

Posted on: April 23, 2009

IMG_0037edited, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Knitting indeed has been done… by my hands… however… there have been no completed socks as of yet. >.>;

Although!!!!! I have started the heel flap on the other Pomatomus sock (not shown here), which is at home. This photo is the second Pomatomus sock… and I am half way through the last pattern repeat before the heel flap. So I should be finishing the heel flaps on BOTH socks, tonight.
– – –
My question is now… Will I be able to finish the Gussets and the rest of the Foot of the sock… before May 1st?! O.o; I dunno… I hope so… because I am in the Cookie A. KAL for her Sock Innovation book… and next month, we start with a pattern from the book! xD I am so excited!!! This pattern/sock for the KAL is ‘Random acts of Cookie’, so we were able to pick whatever pattern of her’s we wanted to knit (besides the ones in the book).
– – –

I am liking the pattern… it’s not difficult at all… just a bit daunting to look at. As for the color varriations for this yarn… it’s ok. The pattern still holds true! ;D I

I’ve decided I am going to give these to my Farmor, who loves blue~ as a mother’s day present! ^^* Also her feet are narrower then mine… so these will look cuter on her… I don’t think this pattern looks cute on my feet. (Which is wierd, because I never thought as my feet, as ‘wide’… but… my Dad’s family has narrow narrow feet… so she shall get them! ;D) YAY!!

My first hand knit gift to the women who taught me how to knit and crochet! ;D Good stuff~
– – –

Bad stuff… I have to go back to the stupid endo-ologist to finish my root cannal. I cannot wait to walk out that door and never go back! Psh~ I am going to Jimmy’s endo-ologist (along with my family) if we need work done like this. This place…. SUCKED! They wanted the FULL PAYMENT (of $1,195) right there and then… we manged with two credit cards… but omfg… we were so pissed. Jimmy’s guy, monthly payments~ like normal dental offices! Seriously.

Enough rambing! Oh I am late to class!!!! I will be making an order for some knitpicks yarn today too~ while in class… >.>* lol.

1 Response to "Knitting has been done!"

That yarn is stunning! Thanks for making me aware of this pattern ))Sorry about your dentist. It’s a shame how inconsiderate that was.

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