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Busy week 3 of 4

Posted on: November 6, 2010

Third thing that has happened, Elections!~ I worked as a Roving Inspector again this election, meaning I have X polling places I am in charge of taking care of (this year I had 10 locations). Boy was I busy~ One place had major chaos in the morning and I stayed there for 3 hours helping sort it out and everything (we had a ton of voters along with double the supplies, because it was two precincts). Then I had to drive around town to all my other locations… I was so overwhelmed that my Dad (who is also another Roving Inspector) helped me out and checked on two of my precincts for me. This election was sadly underestimated and we ran out of supplies… even in our supply boxes given to us. So I had to run back to the Elections Office, … twice…, to keep getting supplies.

However, the icing on the cake for the day was when my CAR BATTERY DIED! I was on my way to my last polling place to help them close out the night… and I had noticed that my radio had turned off while I was driving. I had also noticed that my car’s dash lights were slightly glowing while I was driving (the battery symbol, parking break, emergency break, and dead light icons, all the same color, so I thought it was bulb related or a fuse… my car is 21 years old, so I am used to fixing things that are original components)…

So I call my dad (on my bluetooth, which saved the day for me, I received SO many calls that day, for being a Rover, if my precincts had questions, they called me) asking him

Dad, what is the likely hood of my car battery dieing while I am driving it?” /

“Very slim, unless your alternator is old…“/

*”Oh My God Dad! My car just DIED!”*

Lol…Yeah, the conversation happened that quickly. I had to stop to turn right and as I stopped my car just died… completely. Which I was fortunate enough that there was this guy in a pick up truck behind me (also wanting to turn right) and he pushed my car from the turn lane to the side of the road ahead of us. So, my Dad was on his way to me… I go to the back of my car, take out my flashlight, and jumper-cables and wait for him to come to me (hazards are on everything is ok). My dad gets to me and we jump my car and charge it for a bit… we cannot notice anything wrong with the car other then the battery being dead. So I try to drive it after this… before I can even move it really, it dies again. So we jump the car again… longer this time. I am able to drive it.

Now keep in mind, when you jump your car, you want to drive it for awhile to charge the battery while it is driven… I am in downtown… there are a lot of stoplights. I have to drive my car through these city streets (with my Dad following me) to get home. For the most part I manage… there were a few tense moments, where a light was changing on me… and I sped through… kinda sorta… basically running a red light (the opposite traffic did not even move yet, so best of the worst) and do several rolling California stops turning right on red lights.

Yet the lights won, in the end I was trying to turn left on a main street… it turned red… car died it’s last and final time. My Dad pulls behind me and puts his hazards on, because my car cannot even manage that because battery is that dead. We call the police, we need help to get this car pushed out of traffic. Police get there, they can push the car no problem, the bummer is actual metal (now-a-days it is plastic and some foam material, which is crazy to me). However, my Aunt lives 1 block away… we ask if they would push my car to her house (turn left at the light and then turn right one street down)… they will do it! I have my Dad steer the car while they push and I will drive the other car ahead to my Aunt’s. The car gets to my Aunt’s beautifully! We thank the officers profusely and I let my Aunt know my car is there for the night and we will come in the morning to deal with the battery.

Come home, exhausted after a longgggg busy day of roving inspector… recovering of the stress of the car dieing several times and driving it… omg… there were tears while dealing with the car this whole evening. So watching tv for a bit with my Dad of the Elections ‘results’… we get a call from my Aunt. She realized that the Street Sweepers are coming down her street tomorrow at noon… oi another thing to deal with, but we can be there before noon and move the car (because it is a $50 ticket to not move your car). Then bed time.

I get woken up early in a panic from my Dad (which is rare), saying that my Uncle called and said that they police drive the street earlier then the street sweepers being there, giving out tickets. So we run out the door, to my Aunt’s, where she and I camp in front of her garage watching the car waiting just in case if an officer came down and I can plead to them what happened last night etc and that our new battery is on the way. While my Dad goes to our battery store waiting for it to open. He comes back with a new battery and no officers came… we were good. We replace the battery no problems go back and give them our old one (it was the original from when we bought the car) and they secure it to my engine. Done! So little old Betsy (my car) had quite a busy week, this week. Oy.

Thursday was un-eventful. I slept.

– Since there is no knitting involved in this story, I will show you an FO that I had done the week before. 😀 I did use it to hold a book that I had in the car with me, in case I had down time for the elections… I did not have any downtime.  It was a great stash buster project though~ I used 3-4 yarns at once for this project, it is suppose to be felted, but I didn’t felt it. I like how it turned out as is.

Stash busting Not a 2 hour bag (Rav link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/HSailorMoon/two-hour-handbag )



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