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Busy week 4 of 4

Posted on: November 6, 2010

Friday (yesterday) was Jimmy’s 25th birthday! So we go out to dinner with his family and Jimmy and I go to see a movie “Due Date” afterwards. The movie started later so we hung around downtown main street, went to a pub (I had coffee, and he had a Guinness) as we watch the Laker Basketball game, then we had ice-cream. Bought a huge popcorn and soda for the movie… it was a… ‘funny’ movie with a lot of ‘omg this isn’t happening’ humor that made you feel a bit un comfortable… lol Jimmy enjoyed it… and he is lucky I like him… lol it was alright. So we are heading to the parking garage to his car to head home.

However, walking up the stairs to the top level, we walk pass a level where… someone is openly graffiti-ing the wall there! Keep in mind this parking garage is open and well lit and very well used this evening… and the kid is looking left and right while he is doing this. Crazy I know. So I continue walking up the stairs and call the police to let them know what is going on. Before I even hang up the call… they tell me the police are there. So as we drive down the parking garage, I tell them I was the one that called and they ask me if I had seen where he went, I replied I didn’t know and look over my shoulder… and I see the kid! Or at least I think I see him, so I tell the officer, and he runs over to him and the other officers follow suit. They ask Jimmy and I stay there for a bit to ask me any more questions. Basically it takes about a half an hour, they ask me to look at him again, tell me legal stuff before doing so, I tell them I am 70% sure. We wait, Jimmy goes to the bathroom, and in the end the officer tells me it was him, he admitted it, they found the spray cans in his car (I assume) and they let us leave and thanked me. It was totally an interesting ending to the night, mainly because I was nervous when I called it in and was worried that I accused someone that was just walking around. So it was re-assuring to find out it was him. It was kind of cool to see how they police handled it and how quickly too. I came home… and went to bed at 2am ugh~

So yeah… that brings us to today… with my coffee in hand~

I am hoping for a relaxing weekend.

As are the murlocs~

Rav link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/HSailorMoon/toe-up-futsies


I am doing a k3, p1 ribbing for the top of the foot, but will do an interesting leg, to break up the pooling/spiral going on right now. I like and dislike the pooling… but I may like it later on, who knows. I do know that I want the ribbing for the foot, because my other toefutsie socks are loose on the foot at the end of the day when just stockinette.

Then the second knitting, which I have loved so much and has been my tv knitting~ using my ‘fancy yarn’!

Rav link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/HSailorMoon/butterfly-mobius

cowl 1

So I am actually going to end all this blogging and watch some tv on hulu. I am getting into the show “Nikita” on the CW, it is pretty cool thus far. Along with knitting on this mobius cowl! I want to finish this before I visit family up north, where it is much colder then it is here. (It also doesn’t help that we have had a heatwave all this week, of 80’s to 90’s, today is finally the first cool day~)


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