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Busy weeks continue

Posted on: November 12, 2010

It is Thursday~ and thank goodness tomorrow is Friday…

Wait… today is Friday… wow, I am that tired I guess.

So tomorrow is Saturday, and I have a trip with the family to visit more family up north, for my Tia Vergie’s 96th birthday! It is crazy that she is that old, but still doing fine, she is quite funny actually.

I have a lot to do today, that need to get done before we go, and then get ready for the trip. Oh good, my coffee is done. I need some knitting and podcast time to wake me up a bit and hopefully take off the cranky-mood edge a bit. I woke up this morning, annoyed and anything that made sound… including my cats. 😉

Oh, Betsy (my car) has a new Alternator… which is why she died twice… I didn’t blog about it, but on Tuesday heading home, I was on the 101 freeway… and oh my the dash lights are dimming… oh no my radio turned off… panic call to my Dad yelling ‘It’s happening again!’ Some evasive maneuvers, getting off the freeway, giving the car gas while in park at a red, and coasting into a Jiffy Lube Parking lot (gotta love down hill, bridge, momentum). Betsy had to spend the night there. Drove her to the mechanic the next day (headlights = a faster dead Betsy) and barely made it down the last strip of road to the mechanic. So now Betsy has a new alternator (rebuilt), replacing the original 21 year old alternator, and causing me to be $395 dollars poorer. Dude… I could have had a spinning wheel by now. >.>; Car… vs… Spinning wheel… real life is depressing. 😉


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