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Busy, in a good way.

Posted on: January 30, 2011

It has been a busy past few months, but overall a great few months.

I finally got into the Substitute pool for my local school district, which turns into quite a bit of work! 😀 Being a substitute teacher has a lot of perks and a few negatives with it.

Perks: Great pay, tons of work, no ‘homework’ (ie the traditional work of being a teacher, lesson-plans, meetings, etc),  good hours, and kinda funny/fun most of the time (depending on the students)

Negatives: Can be a great day… or a really really bad day, bratty students, having to yell a lot (depending on students), possibility to break up fights (had to once already, oh it stressed me out afterwards), and the worst, having to wake up super early in the morning (average time ranges between 5am-6:30am).

However, I am glad I am able to do this job in the mean time, while I look into getting a job at the navy base. *fingers crossed*

December, Videogames~ Cataclysm came out. We (Jimmy, Alex, and I) went to the midnight launch, in Fountain Valley and I have an awesome collectors edition box with all the developers autographs! So World of Warcraft has been awesome. Rikol is  my main and she is almost to level 85. I just maxed out my herbalism and alchemy today and am working towards getting the 1k flasks guild achievement, since I am the only flask alchemist~ O.o;

Holidays went well, Jimmy was here. So he came and visited with my family and I went to his. Lots of great food. ;D

January, is almost over… First two weeks were just chilling, enjoying the knitting and READING! Because~~ I got a kindle for Christmas! (It is the last gen kindle) Jimmy and I fixed his Grandmother’s kindle (ty Amazon customer service) and since she had gone out and bought a nook, I was able to keep it! 😀 I even joined goodreads.com since I can now buy all these great books on my kindle! There is something great about having a book, in a small/thin device! 😀 (my user name is HSailorMoon on goodreads, I highly recommend the site!)

I have been swamped with subbing jobs, in this last half of January. I already have the first two weeks of February booked too. I have a 5/6th grade class for five days, starting tomorrow! I have the same students for a whole week! Here is hoping for reasonably behaved students. *fingers crossed*****

I can post a few photos of my recent knitting, since I just gave them away for a baby shower. (click the photos to be taken to the rav project pages)




Oh and I went to the Ravelry Unwind event this month! I knit a red honey cowl, the project is inside this back, so click it to see the project page.


I met Jess and Casey, and got their autographs.

They were so nice.

I also met Dr. Gemma fro the CogKNITive podcast, she was so awesome! (Click the image to get Dr. Gemma’s podcast page)

So it has been a happy few months and it looks to keep maintaining that momentum.


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